Cristiano Novelli

CP-NET (Collaboration Protocol - Networking Enterprises Technology) is a software application set to enable enterprises, cooperating through a collaborative framework ebXML-based, to achieve and to perform Business Collaborations.

To achieve a Business Collaboration it is necessary to provide, for each couple of enterprises, a common base upon which to start doing business. This base is basically a Business Agreement and it is built, following the ebXML standard model, by comparison and by match of two Business Profiles.
ebXML provides an XML specification to describe both Profiles and Agreements: ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement (ebCPPA).

CP-NET provides some applications to handle the ebXML Collaboration Protocol:
- ebBP-Generator: to generate Business Processes with ebBP standard from MODA-ML Dictionary;
- CPA-FastEditor: to edit a simple CPA for MSH fast configuration (it don't supports ebBP);
- CPP-Editor: to create and to modify the Collaboration Protocol Profile (CPP) for each enterprise;
- CPA-MatchMaker: to create and to modify, from two CPP Profiles, the Collaboration Protocol Agreements (CPA) for each couple of enterprises.

CP-NET framework supports the ebXML Business Process Specifications (ebBP standard), therefore, in the CPP Profiles and in the CPA Agreements the enterprises can describe their characteristics related to one or more Business Processes.

CP-NET Network Setup
from the presentation of the UBL Day 2008 in Rome:
"The experience of ENEA about the adoption of ebXML (and UBL) in Italy"
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