Cristiano Novelli


CPA-FastEditor is a java web application to create/edit ebXML Collaboration Protocol Agreement (CPA).
The goal of CPA-FastEditor is to provide to each couple of user a easy way to create a business agreement CPA to obtain a simple and fast MSH configuration.

- not requires ebXML Profiles (CPP),
- allows the CPA Agreement creation using a CPA template,
- allows the CPA Agreement modification,
- supports the ebBP referencing, therefore the two user can specify a supported Business Process (only one)
- supports the specification of the Business Transactions related to chosen Business Process,
- supports the definition of a SMTP Delivery Channel (only one),
- supports the specification of Certificates (X509Certificate only).

Doc: CPA-FastEditor Functionalities Tour

Link: CPA-FastEditor web application.
To use the CP-NET web applications you need an account,
contact the administrator and ask for it
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Output: CPA Output