Cristiano Novelli


P, De Sabbata, N, Gessa, G, D'Agosta, M. Busanelli, C. Novelli, "Knowledge Exchange Infrastructure to Support Extended Smart Garment Organizations", in "Transforming Clothing production into a demand driven, knowledge based high tech industry, the Leapfrog Paradigm", edited by Lutz Walter, George-Alexander Kartsounis, Stefano Carosio, Springer Verlag, London, 2009, ISBN 978-1-84882-607-6 (DI410-005)

Abstract: One core characteristic of the Textile and Clothing Industry (TCI) is networking. The Extended Smart Garment Organization (xSGO) framework will improve the inter-organisational knowledge networking in a holistic way. Apply-ing this xSGO framework, a new quality (of) partnership in the textile and cloth-ing value creation chain will be enabled. The xSGO framework comprises a configuration toolset, which allows to model and analyze an existing network for innovation and production, and to select and configure appropriate measures in order to improve the integration of activities and actors. Integrative components enable knowledge communication based on Moda-ML, and involve adapted RFID technologies, combined with a system for Product Tracing and Tracking. In particular fast ramp up of new garment products in supply networks is conceptually and methodically improved. This paper gives an overview about the holistic, system-oriented xSGO frame-work, explains details of Quality Harmonization as one major component, and presents results of practical applications in the Textile and Clothing Industry.


Nicola Gessa, Cristiano Novelli, Massimo Busuoli, Fabio Vitali, "Use and extension of ebXML business profiles for Textile/Clothing firms" , pp. 186- 195 in "E-Commerce and Web Technologies", 5th international conference EC-Web 2004, Zaragoza, Spain, August/September 2004, Proceedings, ISBN 3-540-22917-5, Springer

Abstract : Managing business workflow can benefit from the adoption of new solutions proposed by different initiatives of ICT. MODA-ML project defined an interoperability framework, based on ebXML standard, to enhance collaboration and interaction inside the Textile/Clothing supply chain. In this paper we briefly give an overview of the architecture of MODA-ML and we present our approach to generate automatically BPSS documents to provide a common formal description of the business process supported. Because of the requirements of the T/C sector, we have also studied some improvements to obtain more flexibility in defining partner profiles with CPP documents.


P. De Sabbata, N. Gessa, C. Novelli, A.Frascella, F. Vitali, "B2B: Standardisation or Customistation?", pp 1556-1566, in  "Innovation and the Knowledge Economy Issues, Application, Case Studies", e-Challenges 2005 conference, Ljubljiana, October 19-21 2005, edited by Paul Cunningham and Miriam Cunningham, IIMC International Information Management Corporation LTD, Dublin, Ireland, IOS PRESS, ISBN 1-58603-563-0

Abstract : This paper presents some extensions to ebXML derived from the experience of setting up a standard collaborative framework, Moda-ML/TexSpin, addressed to a specific industrial sector (textile/clothing). The large presence of SMEs did not allowed, in the past, the diffusion of EDI technologies and, presently, hampers the diffusion of integration systems based on ASP architectures. This leaded us to some considerations about the capability of the standardization processes, to really contribute to the development of the application level of the B2B integration. This paper argues the problem of the adequacy of standardization, the need for sectorial standards and the tension between 'standardization' and 'customization'.
In this perspective a proposal for the extension of the ebXML CPP and CPA specifications is presented as an example of a possible way to find a good trade-off between the compliancy with a common framework and the need for customization.


M.Busanelli, P. De Sabbata, N. Gessa, C. Novelli, G. D'Agosta, "Supporting Enterprise Network Set Up Combining ebXML, Semantic Tools and Sectorial Standards", in proceedings of e-Challenges 2008 conference, Stockholm, October 22-24 2008, pp. 1061-1068, edited by Paul Cunningham and  Miriam Cunningham, IIMC International Information Management Corporation LTD, Dublin, Ireland, IOS PRESS, ISBN 978-1-58603-924-0

Abstract : The idea that undergoes the proposed paper is to present a collaborative framework, mainly based on the ebXML standard, able to implement the extended Smart Garment Organisation (xSGO) and Interoperability concepts in a useful set of tools and reference specifications.


5) Piero De Sabbata, Nicola Gessa, Arianna Brutti, Cristiano Novelli, Angelo Frascella, Gianluca D'Agosta, "Standards creation and adoption for SME networks"

Abstract : This paper presents the experience that is running in the Textile, Clothing and Footwear industry under the framework of the European project eBIZ-TCF as a case of standardisation in industrial sectors that are characterised by the large presence of SMEs. The present running activities are presented in the perspective of a path that asked the actors to identify the requirements and remove the bottlenecks that hamper eBusiness adoption in a crucial part of the European manufacturing industry.


P. De Sabbata, P. Pozzi, D. Bertuzzi, M. De Lorenzo, L. Lucheroni, A. Marcelli, C. Novelli, "ebXML per manager", Maggio 2007, ISBN 88-8286-183-X

Abstract : ebXML (electronic business using eXtensible Markup Language) è un'architettura modulare di specifiche, basata su XML e sviluppata a livello mondiale dal consorzio OASIS , per consentire ad ogni community di imprese, di qualsiasi grandezza e localizzazione geografica, di condurre business mediante transazioni elettroniche. Nell'ambito delle attività di   Cross-Lab , in collaborazione con FTI, ENEA pubblica l'edizione italiana aggiornata   del manuale "ebXML for managers" realizzato dall'agenzia di promozione del commercio elettronico olandese ECP.NL. L'edizione italiana ha la prefazione del presidente ENEA Luigi Paganetto e dell'assessore alle attività produttive della Regione Emilia-Romagna Duccio Campagnoli.


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