Cristiano Novelli


ebBP-Generator is a java application to generate Business Processes descriptions through ebXML Business Process (ebBP or BPSS) standard from MODA-ML Dictionary.

ebBP-Generator is used by MODA-ML services provider to generate XML instances, according to ebBP standard version 2.0.4, to provide common Business Process descriptions to MODA-ML community.

- reads from MODA-ML Dictionary to obtain the information related the MODA-ML Business Processes and their organization,
- can create an ebBP XML instance for each MODA-ML Business Process or, if specified into the Dictionary, can create an ebBP XML instance for each MODA-ML Activity
- for each Business Collaboration:
- - uses an empty ebBP template,
- - inserts the BusinessDocument XML elements for the MODA-ML Business Documents specifying the related XML Schema URL,
- - inserts and insert the Business Transaction XML elements as couple of Request and Response Business Documents or Request Business Document only,
- - defines the two (or more) Roles playing,
- - defines the Business State (as Business Transaction execution),
- - defines a Choreography* as Transitions among the Business States.

ebBP directories: to see the generated ebBP XML instances click here

* at the moment the Choreography is a linear temporal sequence (without fork/join/decision gateways and without condition expressions)